somedays it pays to just stay home

So this is one that The Cherry Ride will enjoy.

I go to the grocery store today and I walk in and this woman is blocking the aisle with her cart while she chats with one of the employees, so I wait patiently for them to finish (No. I couldn't go around, she was blocking pretty much the only way to get through the entrance into the store.). She finishes up her chat and then turns her cart directly into my path and pushes it right into my legs. Then she looks to her right and picks up some leftover, trashy looking wreath covered in plastic Easter eggs and bric-a-brac.

"No. Really. Excuse me," I say, waiting for her to acknowledge that, yes, there is another human being in the space she is occupying and she just ran into them with her cart.

Nothing. No reply. No apology. Nothing.

It's too bad that she was a) a woman, b) about 55, 'cause otherwise I might've punched her in the face. Seriously.



Mark said...

Let's take a deep breath. People are idiots and we must accept that. We mustn't road-rage or, more specifically cart-rage. She's probably a lawsuit-junky trying to provoke you. My favorite mantra for people I can't tolerate is (directed at cart-lady) "I'm better than you... I'm better than you... you suck... I'm better than you..."
I don't think I learned that one at yoga.

Ann said...

Oh goodie a place for me to share my story without having to have my own blog! So, last week, I pulled into a very busy gas station in Trinidad, following a car to a set of two pumps, so that the gas tank is lined up on the passenger side. The car in front of me stops at the first pump, instead of pulling up to the second. Stops. Driver chickie gets out, looks at me, vaguely registers perhaps that she could have pulled up, acts like she doesn't see me, and goes inside to pay. I back up, drive around, back into the space in front of her. She blares loud music from her car while filling up. Oblivious.

Thanks for letting me share.

d said...

the morons are everywhere. civilization is unsafe.

Rebel said...

One of my biggest pet peeves of late is people blocking entrances. A very loud "EXCUSE ME" usually gets their attention.

d said...

that reminds me of another grocery store experience i had a couple of weeks ago.

i was trying to get some salad dressing and there were three people standing in the entrance to the aisle which held said dressing. just, you know, hangin' out, chatting. so, i say, 'excuse me' in a not so friendly manner and they scurry out of my way and i go down to get my salad dressing. i pay attention out of the corner of my eye and they do the same for three more people who had to go down that aisle in the time it took for me to find my dressing. then i walk back that way, 'cause that's where i'd left my cart and had to repeat the entire process all over again.

i mean, c'mon people, can't you find a better place to have your little chat? like a coffee shop or something.

i feel the exact same irritation when people drive slowly in the passing lane.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Bravo d. These are the kinds of posts I really enjoy!

Lisa said...

grocery store inhabitants can be really rude. That's why I like to hit Wal-Mart at 7am on Sunday morning... to avoid the mad rush (or anyone, really) in the aisles.