let's not speak of it (or WHOOO HOOOOO)

It's really sad and scary when Sasha Kaun is the KU player of the game, but we pretty much owe that win to him. And Mario Chalmers. Thank the bball gods that Chalmers hit all those three's. And some Jayhawk fan somewhere must've sacrificed a goat or a small child because there's really no reason why we didn't choke like...a thing that chokes. And it must've happened right before Curry mucked up that last play. I think I actually died there for a second. (btw there is no Heaven or Hell-it's a field of puppies.)

I know I should be ecstatic that we survived and made it into the Final Four (whooo hooo!) but really all I can do is try to prepare for what T calls 'The Worst Week of Our Lives' as we writhe in agony over what will occur on Saturday. I know it's not going to be pretty.

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Michael5000 said...

It was me with the goat.

You're welcome.