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I read a couple of pieces today, and saw on CNN that Republicans are voting for Hillary Clinton in the Texas primary because they think she'd be easier for McCain to beat in the general than Obama. Texas is messed up. In a lot of ways, not least that they have a caucus and a primary. WTF? The good thing about it is that a ton of people came out to vote in Texas which is pretty awesome.

If Hillary is still behind in delegates today, she should bow out gracefully. If she doesn't, it shows that she doesn't really care about the Democratic Party, but is only in this for herself. Her recent comments intimating that McCain would make a better president than Obama also lead me to think this is true.

I'm trying really hard to not get too worked up about the outcome of tonight's vote, but a large part of me really, really wants this to be over and a clear nominee to be decided upon. It doesn't look like that's gonna happen though and we have several more weeks of this. At least. I'm entirely afraid that it won't be decided until August and McCain will have a pretty big lead on his strategy to beat the Democrats in November.

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Scoobers said...

what's funny, i read in a local paper here that it is the other way around. dems are more likely to vote for obama because there is little chance of clinton beating mccain.

i guess it depends on where you are and who is reporting the 'news'.