it hurts so good

When we heard that it was supposed to get up to 70º today, we decided that there was no way we could not get outside and enjoy it. It's only March 1! And it's 70º! Yay, global warming! (Not really, but I guess if it's gonna happen, we might as well take advantage of it, right?) Anyway, we felt like it was a perfect day to head up the Poudre Canyon and try out some climbs at The Palace.

The first good omen of the day was the river crossing. Normally, it causes me to get a little wet, but today, because the river is still mostly frozen over, we just walked across, sort of like Jesus would do.

We headed up to The Palace Wall hoping to avoid some of the crowds that were already forming, even at 10a. Dylan started us off on Big Ass Holds, 5.9, which for him is a good warm-up. I followed. Kind of. I made it to the top without falling or hanging, but I couldn't figure out how to really finish it (meaning being able to rap off and clean it), so I had to come back down. So, after he TR'd a nice crack climb to the right of BAH, I went up it again and this time completed it successfully.

Then we moved over to another, unnamed 5.10(?) which Dylan led successfully, only hanging once on a tricky roof problem. I had to hang, a lot, on my turn, trying to get past the same bulge, but eventually, even despite all of my zig zagging, I made it to the top.

It was starting to get pretty hot (in March!), so we moved down to the shade. Where all the hordes were. Seriously, I have never, ever seen The Palace as busy as it was today. People were parked all up and down the road in places where it probably wasn't a good idea to park. And almost all of the climbs were taken. So, apparently, everyone else wanted to get outside today as well. Luckily, due to our good fortune today, we got down to one of Dylan's favorite climbs just as another couple was finishing up.

I got a little bloody and a little sunburned and a lot tired. It was amazing out today and was so good to get outside. It definitely made me much happier than I have been all week.


LSL said...

Glad you had a good day! I'm ILL with jealousy. I'll post pictures of the snow storm we're currently in a little later. Grrr.

Michael5000 said...

People keep telling me I look like Jesus with the beard, but I don't think I could manage the walk-on-water trick. Well done.

Drove down the Poudre Canyon a couple of years ago. Way purty.

Big Daddy said...

Oh man, I can't wait until it gets nice out.