i ruined one of my favorite t-shirts, or dogs will never reach nirvana, for they know not patience

I'm on a home improvement kick lately. I think it has a lot to do with that spring is around the corner and I'm feeling the need for everything to be clean and tidy and orderly and in good working order. This weekend it was plumbing, and today, today was painting the coat closet. Now, I don't know why I always do this, but it seems to happen every single time I decide to paint something. I forget to change into suitable painting clothes and end up with paint all over whatever I'm wearing. This time it was my TVOTR shirt. Oh well, it was probably due for the rag bin sometime soon anyway. At least I decided to change out of my Gucci tuxedo after I got back from the post office this afternoon. That would've really sucked.

Every day, around 3p the dogs tell me that it's time for them to eat by poking me with their noses. Even though they don't get to eat dinner until 5p. So, when I don't feed them right away, they start pacing around. Going in and out the doggie door. Standing out in the backyard and barking their little brains out so I will have to go out and yell at them. You get the idea. Today, because I was crammed into a tiny little closet and they couldn't really get to me, they just stood right behind me from 3p until I finally gave up and fed them at 4.5p. Nope. Not in the least bit annoying and exasperating.

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Scoobers said...

after i ruined a tshirt i've loved for years (depeche mode) i ruined one of my favorite sports bras this way. leaning in too close. you get the picture.

i paint again this week... we'll see if i learned anything.