i know, i know, but only one more week and all talk of basketball will terminate for the duration of the dearth of all things sports: or baseball

We're in the Elite 8 baby! Which is the stupidest name out of all the names they give each level of the tourney. Sweet 16? Sweet. Final Four? Awesome. Elite 8? Moronic.

Anyway, last night's game against 'Nova was probably one of the most boring games I've ever had the displeasure of watching. I guess we won at least though.That was nice. And, I guess I prefer us to walk all over the opponent rather than have to go into triple overtime or something drastic and nailbiting like that.

Sadly, it looks like I'm going to miss Sunday's game because of work. But the ability to eat is probably more important than one basketball game, right? But just barely.

And, I'm still No 1 in Doug's pool, although I have to share the honors with another dude named Adam who was smart enough to pick Memphis to go to the Elite 8. I seriously didn't think Memphis was everything everyone else thought they were. I certainly didn't think they really deserved their No 1 seed in the tourney. I mean they play in the American Conference which sounds like something made up for a really bad tv drama about basketball.

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