day three

• That Lopez kid from Stanford is really ecstatic that he made the freethrow that sent the game into overtime, but really kicking himself in the ass that he didn't make both of them, which woulda sent them to the Sweet 16. But then his brother scores the winning goal to make up for his deficit. Think they can play on the same team in the NBA?

• Poor KSU (said with a ton of sarcasm). I've been saying all season that one player who can score 25 points per game does not a winning team make. I think one of the main reasons he's such a high-scorer is that he's pretty selfish with the ball. If you shut him down, with the other players being pretty shoddy, you will win the game. And, apparently, it's pretty easy to shut him down. What's K-State gonna do next year, when he goes to the NBA?

• Whaddup Duke? Not that I'm all that sad to see you go, because I hate you almost as much as I hate UNC, but still. You had an exceptionally crappy year. A small part of me was hoping that you'd have a good tourney so you could look back on this year without being full of regret and shame.

• Thanks go out to Xavier and Washington State for keeping my bracket alive.

• I was growing kinda nervous in the first half there KU, and there's still way too much time left, but you're ahead by 15 so that's good. Ok, the announcers are saying we're in the Sweet 16, so I can safely say that you while you didn't play exceptionally well, you did pull it out there in the end. Overall, good defense, but you could've handled the ball better.

p.s. And OH HOLY CRAP! MSU is beating Pitt which, even though I picked it that way on my bracket, I didn't fully believe would even be a close contest.

p.s. 2 And OH HOLY CRAP!! Tx A&M is walloping UCLA. Go Big 12!

p.s. 3 Ok, so T A&M didn't make it there in the end, but still, I didn't figure they'd even come close. It gives me hope that UCLA may not make it to the Final Four...

Updated to add: I'm currently in No 1 standing in the pool. I must go rub it in everyone's faces before today ends and I'm in last place again.


Anonymous said...

If you still lived in Lawrence I would punch the sarcasm right out of you.

d said...

yeah, whatever. at least you still have football. oh no, wait. we beat you in football this year also. sucks to be a wildcat!