day one

In a day of very few upsets, the only really exciting game was the Duke/Belmont contest. Really Coach K? Belmont? I'm just glad that KU isn't the only one that has trouble against unknown, tiny schools in the first round. That kid that made the winning shot for the Blue Devils is so gonna get laid. A lot. When he gets back to North Carolina.

Also, it turns out that Beasley is better than Mayo. Question answered and everyone moved on quickly.

And, after a brief time period where my bracket was tied for first in Doug's pool, I'm now waaaaaay down in the standings.

Oh and I am very thankful that the 'Hawks survived round 1, but that's all I'm saying about that.


Michael5000 said...

I thought about rooting for Portland State to spank KU in the first round. But if I had, and it had happened, I wouldn't have been able to look you in the blog. I know how much you need this.

Rock Chalk, man.

d said...

i do. oh god yes i do.