day 4

Oh Oklahoma. I didn't get to watch your game, but Jesus, you guys apparently sucked it. Big time. 30 point loss? Wow.

Memphis, you sort of proved what I've been saying all season about you. Just because you are undefeated in a really crappy conference does not mean that you should be ranked No 1 in the nation. Yes, yes, you did, in fact, win your game against Miss St, but you certainly didn't play like a No 1 team should. Just sayin'.

And damn you UNC. Why won't you lose? If you win it all again this year, I'm coming to Raleigh and burning down your field house. Or maybe just slashing He Who Shall Not Be Named's tires. Or TP'ing his house. Or punching him in the face. Bastard. C'mon Tennessee! You hold my world in your hands now. DON'T BLOW IT.

Oh. And I'm still No 1 in Doug's pool. Whoo Hoo! I gotta keep rubbing it in because a) I certainly didn't expect to ever be on top, and b) I certainly didn't expect it to last this long.

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Michael5000 said...

Ooh. 78-48. Ouch.

Then again, I was once on a basketball team that lost a game 98-23. We were the worst high school team in the state, I think. And I was probably our worst player.