5 years

On one hand, it's hard to believe that we've been in Iraq for 5 years. On the other, it feels like we've been there for much, much longer than that. And W still refuses to admit to the lies that got us there in the first place, saying now, that it was worth getting Saddam Hussein out of power. And, while I can't necessarily disagree with that, I'm not sure it was our responsibility or worth the eventual $4 trillion price tag.

And, I thought Obama's speech yesterday was simply fantastic and pretty amazing. His frankness and forthrightness on two subjects that are so polarizing in politics was breathtaking to behold. Truly. Ironically, it brought to mind Bill Clinton's speeches when he was on the campaign trail in 91. And while it was great and stirring and all that, I think it won't make a lick of difference.

Two exciting things that will take my mind off the current state of the world:
1) The Big Dance starts in exactly 25 hours. Whoot! And, I still haven't filled out my brackets. I need to do that right now. Go' Hawks! And may the Tarheels go down in a fiery flame of destruction in, if not the first round, the second. Or third. Just no Final Four for He Who Shall Not Be Named.

2) My first term of MFA classes starts in five days. I'm extremely nervous about biting off more than I can chew, both in time and financial terms, but I'm also pretty excited about starting a new phase in my life. Hopefully, I will not only learn some things, but gain a new appreciation for this profession that I chose, oh so long ago.

Happy Hump Day everyone.


LSL said...

1) I think it's wonderful you're going to a dance! Don't be a wallflower.

2) MFA can stand for a couple of things. What are you going for?


Melissa said...

WHOOOOOO. KU 1-0 in the tourney...is this the year?

d said...

1) i am always a wallflower for i know not self confidence

2) mo fo all up in the hizzy.

if only. in reality i'm trying for a masters in fine arts in graphic design. although, i'm considering switching over to interactive design...

m: DUDE! you JUST jinxed it. but so far, i'm 7-0 on my bracket :).