you bet your ass i caucused

I am so totally geeked out about democracy right now. Even though my precinct volunteers were completely unprepared and outmanned and they had no clue how many people were actually going to show up tonight, it was still an amazing experience. And no one was mad that we had to wait in line for an hour and a half before we even got to vote. Instead, it was like a big ol' block party. It was outstanding.

I arrived at about 6.5p to find a huge crowd already waiting inside. Finally at about 7p they started taking people's names and pointing them to the right precinct. Then at about 8p they read the rules of the caucus and set us free to get to it. I don't have many words. It was amazing. People stood up and spoke passionately about their candidate. There was yelling. There was arguing and then people voted. I was in one of the smaller precincts with only about 62 people total. 45 of us were for Obama and 17 for Clinton. I snuck a look around at the other precincts close to mine and it seemed, from what I could tell, that Obama was more favored, but that could just be me looking at things through Obama-colored glasses. Then we voted for delegates to the county convention in March. Guess what? I was so jazzed by the process that I volunteered to be a delegate. Wtf? I never do stuff like that.

So now, on March 8th I have to show up at the county convention and do something. I'm not sure what. But I'll be there. With bells on. Seriously, I feel sad for everyone who doesn't get to caucus. For it was awesome and makes you feel so completely excited that you live in a democracy and get to have a say in how things are done. Also, after hearing the Clinton supporters talk about why they are voting for her, I feel less angry and bitter about her possibly being the Democratic candidate. I still want Obama to win, but if I have to vote for her come national election time, I won't be mad about it.

It was simply unfathomable that that many people showed up to have their voice heard. And that they were so excited about it. And ran the gamut from early 20s to so old they had to be wheeled in. The kid next to me had a copy of 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius' and the woman on the other side had a hearing aid and a cane. It was beautiful, exciting very heady stuff.

Yay America!


tina f. said...

Totally made me cry.

I am so so happy that you did this. Always remember this feeling Sean.

Call It Courage said...

I agree! I was totally stoked after going to our caucus tonight! Just the sheer number and diversity of the people was really amazing - both kids who had never voted before and people who probably voted in the Truman administration.

Jeannette said...

It's all I talked about at work today. You'd be surprised how informed the Japanese are about this.

Personally, I think it's a big fucking expensive popularity contest, and I hate everyone. But that's me. And it always will be.

d said...

t: i'm glad i did it too. i'm still all excited about it.

cic: yeah! yay america!

j: i'm actually not all that surprised, i think the rest of the world is as ready to be done with bush as we are.

it is a popularity contest, and our election system needs some major reform, but it's what we've got so i'm rolling with it.

Rebel said...

That's AWESOME! I don't get to caucus... I don't even get to go to a polling station - we do vote by mail. No one really cares who Oregon votes for. I'm glad you found solace about Clinton. I'm in love with Obama, and really afraid that if Clinton wins the primary she won't be able to win against McCain. Oh well... time will tell.

As upset as I get about election news, I am always very proud & happy to live in a country where we may raise our voices & argue vehemently about political views, we generally don't have to risk life & limb to vote, and there's no risk of a military coup or anything like that.

d said...

rebel: well said, my friend. well. said.

i'm nervous about clinton's ability to win against mccain also. i just don't think it can happen. at least mccain will be marginally better than w. marginally. he can speak english for one.

btw, i care who oregon votes for. vote for obama!

Michael5000 said...

Rebel said everything I was going to say. Oregon is the anti-caucus state. I only caucus with Mrs.5000, unless we are completely stumped about something, in which case we call ChuckDaddy and Mrs. ChuckDaddy and caucus with them.

Nobody cares who Oregon votes for. But it's sweet of you to pretend, d.