this too will never end

Did anyone else notice how at the end of the debate, Obama held Clinton's chair out for her? That was a subtle bit of chivalrous misogyny, no? Way to keep 'em 'barefoot and pregnant' Obama. Or maybe I'm reading way too much into what was probably an offhand, unthoughtout gesture on his part. But it does make me wonder what happens if she does become President. Do you hold the President's chair out for her when you're eating dinner with her? Does that take away some of her power and authority?

I had a hard time figuring out who won last night, and after watching and reading this morning, it seems no one else can figure it out either. They both had pretty good points to make, and I liked that they're still both pretty civil to each other despite her sniping about the plagiarism. Hillary, let it go. No one cares. Focus on the issues.

Part of me is growing weary of all of this and just wants it to be over already so that I can focus on college basketball or useless movie trivia or something.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I gotta ask: How long will you be keeping the Obama drawing as your header? Scares me every time.He looks like a demon.

d said...

until someone wins the nomination. sorry he's scary looking. maybe i'll do a different one where he doesn't look so fiery.

Rebel said...

Well, what do Germans do when dining with Chancelor Merkle?

I went through a brief militant feminist phase through college where the whole door opening / chair holding kind of thing was worth arguing about. But now, if someone man or woman wants to do something kind for me - I take it in the spirit it was intended, and thank them gracefully.

I'll offer my seat on the bus to someone male or female / young or old who looks like they need to sit more than I do. If I get to a door first, I'll hold it open for the next person. It's called common curtesy.

d said...

oh. i totally agree with you about the common courtesy thing. yes. i do the same thing. but some women DO get very offended if you do those sorts of things for them, and i could imagine that for someone who has a lot of power, especially when done by an opponent, it might seem a little condescending.

but maybe that's just me.

tina f. said...

You have spoiled me so badly that most men are totally cavemen to me. You are such a gentlemen. I personally don't know any women who are offended by men opening doors, pulling out chairs. I also don't think there is anything un-feminist about it. I know others may feel differently - but that's me.

d said...

i guess all i'm saying is would he have done the same thing if it was say, john edwards, next to him?

i doubt it.

and does that put her down a peg? maybe not. maybe. these are confusing times we live in kids.

G said...

I'm going to second the "end, please god just end already" sentiment. I find it interesting as well, but I want to get back to caring about useless crap, already.

Jeannette said...

i think she'd be a "woman president," her candidacy isnt canceling out her sex (i dont think, but I havent been paying attention).

(i wrote a big long thing about tampons and shaking your penis, but i decided to delete it for your benifit)