Does anyone else get inordinately excited when the CNN anchors use that really kickass television touch screen thingy to illustrate whatever story they're talking about? And, does anyone else really, really want one in their living room? And, does anyone else think that maybe that's not possible because it most likely costs more than their house?


tina f. said...

I not only love the "magic" vote tally screen but my favorite thing in the world is how excited John King gets when he is using it AND how you never see anyone else using it - like they know he would kick their ass if they tried.

But. D. Even cooler (I mean, it doesn't light up, but still) are the automatically updated scrollover maps in the NYTimes Election Results section. You can scroll over counties in a state and see the exact vote totals and how much vote is in/what is left to come in and how it is breaking down - as it is being reported.

It's how I knew the AP had made the wrong call for Missouri on 2/5 - serioiusly - because the county with the biggest university in the state only had 5% of the vote when they called it. Dumbasses.

d said...

john king gets really, really excited to use it. and, you're right, i bet he's like a rabid dog when anyone else even threatens to breathe on it.

which. i can totally understand. that's how i'd be also.