the straw

'It's a little overwhelming though, isn't it?' he asked. A look of extreme concern knotting up his brow.

'What?' she sighed, exasperated.

'All of the cream cheese. I mean, look at it. It's too much.' He shoved his bagel under her nose, begging for confirmation.

'So scrape some of it off.' The silent 'idiot' she added on to the end of her reply seemed obvious to her, but he seemed not to notice. She returned her gaze to the newspaper in front of her, even though she wasn't really reading it. She was growing too angry.

'But that is so…wasteful. Isn't it? Why would they put this much on in the first place? What kind of person needs this much cream cheese? Who could possibly feel ok about eating all of that?' He was getting really worked up now and everyone in the restaurant was starting to look over at them.

'Jesus, Greg,' she whispered through clenched teeth. 'Just. Fucking. Scrape. It. Off.'


Dave said...

I'm with Greg on this one.

d said...

me too. seriously, they put way too much cream cheese on those things.