some sound (maybe) advice

I just read a really interesting op/ed piece at The Daily Kos. Here's a little excerpt that highlights what it's about, but you really should read the entire thing.

It's a pleasant fiction that your role during the primaries is simply to choose your candidate and cheerlead, to donate, at most to volunteer. What a limited vision of the nomination process. Primaries weren't created just to identify a standard bearer for the party. If that's the goal, a backroom deal would suffice. No, primaries exist in order to allow voters to choose a candidate to represent their interests. Now is the time to make your convictions known; to pin the candidates down on the issues you care about; and to make clear what you won't accept.

This is your chance to shape their thinking and influence their positions, because the eventual candidate is going to be less interested and less amenable to your pressure during the summer and fall than now. And after the election, when your former candidate enters The Bubble? Good luck with that. Now is the time to push the candidates, to ask them to enact specific policies, to make clear that you'll hold them accountable on your issues.

I know, I know TDK is a really liberal, left-leaning rag, but I think that same advice holds true even if you're not. Unfortunately, what the editorial doesn't talk about is how to influence the candidates. And, I think that's what highlights all of my concerns about our political machine. How does one little person like me make their voice loud enough to be heard by those on high?


blythe said...

but why do we still have primaries? i am smart about a lot of things (or one thing, fried foods, but that encompasses a lot), but politics is not one of them. so, why do we still have this system? we have the capability for direct representation. we don't live hundreds of miles from our closest neighbor. we have endless means of communication to painfully inundate every man, woman and child about what color mccain's turd was on january 23rd. so, why can't we have a national, direct representation primary that goes to a run-off and then to the general election which doesn't include the electoral college. these things seem outmoded to me. and this super delegate bullshit makes me feel hopeless.

d said...

dude. you are preaching to the choir. i have long said that we need to get rid of the two-party system, the electoral college and all of this primary/caucus crap and just let everyone's vote count. and don't even get me started on the superdelegates.

the only reason all of that is still in place is because people are afraid of change. the old guard still runs things in dc and they're afraid that if they actually let the people vote the status quo will be thrown out with the bath water and they will lose all of the power they've had for the past 200 years.

blythe said...

i hate people.

yay democrazy!