oh thank all that is holy

I know you're all sitting on the edges of your seats waiting to hear whether or not KU won the game*. We did! We pulled it out of our asses right at the end there. Thank the bball gods for a deep bench. Because, really? We didn't deserve to win and the final score, 72-59, did in no way shape or form reflect how terrifyingly close that game really was.

Now we have to face MU who just beat K-St at home, who, if you remember, just beat us. F&%k me. I'm not entirely sure that I'm gonna survive this season. Oh! And did you see that Memphis almost lost? That would've been outstanding.

*Sorry g and Mrs Cyberhobo for all of the sports posts all in a row, but I was having a moment. A scary, headache inducing moment which somehow caused me to hurt my lower back. Don't ask how that happened, because I have no idea.

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Michael5000 said...

Catching up on my blogs is turning into a real emotional rollercoaster here....