new music tuesday

A little mix of things I'm currently diggin'.

1. The Story of Benjamin Darling (Live) | State Radio | Year of the Crow - Indie rock with roots based in actual, historical events. It's nerdtastic! And rockin'.

2. Carousel | Sydney Wayser | Paste Magazine Sampler 39 - Part of the seemingly new popularity of waifish girls with feathery voices singing light, pop-y tunes full of sunlight and hope. If I didn't actually like this so much it would probably make me gag.

3. West Coast | Coconut Records | Nighttiming - Yeah. Sing it Jason Schwartzman. Didn't know you had it in you. Good choice getting Zooey Deschanel to do backing vocals. Speaking of which, who else is insanely excited about She, Him—her collaboration with M Ward? Ok. Maybe I'm the only one.

4. Chasing Ambulances | Octoberman | Run from Safety - If you've been paying attention at all, you've come to realize that I am a sucker for melancholy singer/songwriters who pour their hearts out in poems backed by picked guitars. Throw a violin in there and I'll pretty much do anything for you. I'd rather chase you down too.

5. Like Castanets | Bishop Allen | The Broken String - With a name like Bishop Allen, I was fully expecting this to be twangy alt country full of banjos and cellos. But. Nope. Pop. Jangly pop. You've probably heard 'Click, Click, Click, Click' from that one HP commercial. Or at least I had, but had no idea who sang the song. Unfortunately, that's the most annoying song ever. This one's pretty awesome though, so just listen to it.

6. Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind | Carolina Chocolate Drops | Dona Got a Ramblin' Mind - Speaking of alt country. THIS IS SO GOOD. The whole album is. Get it now.

7. We Coughed Up Honey | bodies of water | Ears Will Pop and Eyes Will Blink - This quartet sounds a lot huger than they actually are. And by that I mean, there sounds like there's way more than just four people in this band. And when I say more people I mean Polyphonic Spree more.

8. Swimming Pools | Thao | We Brave Bee Stings and All - Kind of a happy Fiona Apple backed by The Avett Brothers. It's sort of freaking me out a little, but I like it. I like it a lot.

9. Skinny Love | Bon Iver | For Emma, Forever Ago - When you spend an entire winter in a cabin in Wisconsin all by yourself eating only the food you kill yourself, this is one of the brilliant songs you write. Also, see number 4 for why this is right up my alley.

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blythe said...

nighttiming! if i had made a favorite of 2007 list, it would have been on it! the whole album! but i'm lazy.