the movie edition

I'll watch pretty much anything with Naomi Watts in it. So far I haven't been disappointed. Eastern Promises is the latest effort from David Cronenberg, he of A History of Violence fame(?) stars her and Viggo Mortensen. I almost didn't watch this because I disliked History so much, but after reading a bunch of great reviews I decided to see what all of the fuss was about.

Overall it was a pretty solid film, subtle undercurrents of tension and fear punctuated by sudden bursts of violent bloodletting, much like what I imagine life in the mob to be like. The plot wasn't all that original, nor did it hold too many surprises, but it was still an interesting story of a woman's brief foray into a tangential underworld that is much darker than her own in order to save a stranger's baby.


I'd sort of forgotten that I'd put this movie in my queue and hadn't done a proficient job lately of managing said queue, so it showed up in my mailbox and was something of a surprise. It's pretty light fare. And typical of the romantic comedy and the 'one step is all it takes to lead you into madness' plotline, with a story that was completely unbelievable and kind of sickeningly sweet, but it did have some funny moments. Seeing Jon Heder in wrestling tights wasn't necessarily something I wanted to sear my eyeballs with on a Friday night, but the dream sequences were fairly amusing.

If you want something completely mindless, pop it in.



blythe said...

I think you should watch Rocket Science and tell me what you think of it. That's my suggestion of the day.

d said...

it has been moved to the top of the queue. i shall report forthwith.