just tell me to shut up already

The Wall Street Journal has this to say about where we stand, right this very second:

For Republican strategists and leaders, facing divisions over presumptive nominee John McCain, the Arizona senator, and demoralized over President Bush's and the party's unpopularity, the potency of both Democrats' candidacies is both fearsome and impressive.

"The Obama wave is unlike anything I have seen during my career. It would have totally swamped any traditional candidate," said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducts The Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls with Democratic pollster Peter Hart. "The fact that Clinton is still standing and breaking even is actually a remarkable statement about how unique a candidate she is and what an exceptionally strong candidate."

If this is true it seems like the Republicans are facing the same challenges the Democrats faced in the '04 election—unable to unite together and put up the strongest possible candidate in order to win the election. Hopefully, that will not hold true for the Dems this time around and we can support whoever wins the nomination.

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