just in case you missed it

My boy kicked Hillary's butt yesterday, beating her pretty handily in Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska. Which puts the delegate count at 1095 for Clinton and 1070 for Obama. I can't remember how many a candidate needs to win the nomination, but seriously, I'm not sure I can take this. The closeness is better than him just losing outright, but I kind of wish there was a clear choice. Then I could put it behind me and move on. Maybe by June we'll know?

KU squeaked it out last night against Baylorand ended up with a score of 100-90. Baylor!? This is a crazy universe we live in kids, when the Baylor Bears are actually able to put up a good fight. It is kinda nice though that the Big 12 conference is getting a little tougher—it gives us more cred. Thanks go out to Derek for having a Full Court pass and letting me bail on the party for a little and yell at the tv.

In other Big 12 news:
A&M beat Missouri pretty handily. I'm not sure what happened to the team that beat K-St last week, but Missouri's kind of falling apart.

Texas barely beat Iowa St. Seriously Texas? You kind of suck this year without that kid (I can never remember his name) you had last year, who bailed and went to the NBA.

Poor Oklahoma. You lost to Colorado. Dudes. What happened to you?


e. said...

2025 delegates, d.

blythe said...

We sucked from the beginning. The Norman High School team actually beat them. Not really. But they probably could.

d said...

e: yeah. i was thinking it was up there. god. we have a long way to go.

b: i know. but even last year you were pretty good. what happened?

Rebel said...

My friend got to caucus in Seattle. She said her precinct went 90% for Obama. Not too shabby!

d said...

not too shabby? that's frickin' fantastic!