it's wu tang y'all

I'm not positive that my illustration style fits the funky beats, and hip hoppy jams of the boys in the Wu Tang Clan, but the folks over at Daytrotter seemed ok with it. It was really hard to be as detailed as I normally like to be with that many people in one small illustration, so I opted for doing some contour lines and a monochromatic color palette to give it some interest. Don't know if it was entirely successful or not, but there you have it.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

OK, this one I like.

(And I guess I am warming up to the one currently gracing your masthead.)

tina f. said...

I can't wait to show Sam. I like it. But, like you, I have no idea if that really fits Wu Tang either - but it's interesting. And I like the faces and color choices.

Sam said...

Off the top of my head, Wu-Tang joints that match the tone of this include "Could It Be That It Was All So Simple Then" or "Tearz." Ghostface Killa's "All That I Got Is You," possibly the saddest song I've ever heard, also matches the tone. Off the last album, "Stick Me for My Riches" might do the job.

When Tina showed me this, it was very hard for me not to talk exclusively in confusing early-Wu Tang injokes. I will abstain. I will not use the word "seen" to mean "do you understand?" Nor will I call you "kid" as an honorific.

This picture is good.

Proteck ya neck,

Jeannette said...

i remember the wu-tang symbol being one of the first things I ever drew. or at least the first thing that got me respect and adoration from my classmates. after that i moved on to TLC caricatures. it was south florida and 1997.

like the blues.

LSL said...

Jeez. Very talented.