i'm not sure how i feel about this

Mitt Romney dropped out? Holy...

I guess now we don't have to worry about one of the creepy Mormons being in charge and converting us all via the television waves, but this pretty much solidifies McCain being the Republican nominee. Unless Huckabee knows Dumbledore personally and get him to perform a miracle. I guess McCain's better than W, but I really think that the only person who can beat him is Obama. H.C. is just way too polarizing for the middle of the road Americans to feel comfortable voting for her. Unless people are just so sick and tired of the Republicans being in charge that they'll vote for whatever Democrat ends up being the nominee?

I'm gonna be a nervous wreck until Nov 4.


tina f. said...

I kind of love that your blog has gotten all political.

A few months ago I saw a TV clip of Romney going around and shaking hands with voters in a diner and he got to this old man who said "I won't shake your hand! And I won't ever vote for a Mormon!" and Romney handled it so well. He just said "I'm sorry you feel that way sir. I hope that you find someone who earns your vote."

Ever since seeing that I have felt really bad for they way I have talked about Mormons in the past - not their beliefs - but them. I have deep deep objections to how patriarchal and almost flat-out abusive their religion has been toward women and the fact that they did not let black people join the Mormon church until 1978 - those are legitimate things to be concerned about. And, some of their beliefs - as explained to me by members of the CoLDS are - strange (Jesus' submarine for instance). BUT. Seeing that man talk to him that way - it made me realize how easy it is for people to act intolerant towards Mormons - when for them - it is probably very... hurtful.

I don't know. Sorry to go on and on. But seeing that made me think harder about the way I talk about Mormons. That's all. I guess for that reason alone I'm glad Romney ran.

Though I did have a weird dream where he wasn't wearing a shirt and it was disturbing. So. Let's just say knowledge of Mitt Romney has been a mixed bag for me.

d said...

i'm sure it is hurtful for mormons to hear that everyone thinks they're nuts. but c'mon. they're nuts. of course, i kinda think that about all people who believe in one organized religion over another, so what do i know?

and. i was mostly being facetious. which is apparently backfiring on me this week. first kate. and now you. i guess i'd better start thinking harder about what i put on here. ok. no. i won't do that. i'm not here to be all pc and shit.

romney is the best looking of the republican candidates, but the fact that you had a sexual dream about him is kinda terrifying.

tina f. said...

Oh, I don't advocate being PC. And I didn't mean to admonish you to be. I just was trying to see some positive aspect (for me) in Romney's running at all. And that realization was a positive for me.

d said...

romney had some good points other than just being a mormon. i think. what were they? oh yeah, he didn't believe in the war in iraq. that was something.

Jeannette said...

He's was so sexy.

I dont think I can give you any of my political opinions anymore because i have no intention on voting. and im really stoned.