holy mary mother of god

Because none of my friends are online right now, and therefore, I have no one with whom to bitch about this game, I'm forced to blog about it. So not the same outlet for frustration. We are playing Colorado at Colorado and we are not doing well. I had predicted that this would be a snoozer and so I didn't bother to buy tickets and see it live and in person, even though I should've, you know, regardless it's a 'Hawks game, but jesus, now I wish I would've. The first half of the first half was terrible. We went five minutes without scoring and had so many turnovers we could've opened a pastry shop. We've since come back a bit, and are currently up by one point, but dear god, we should be killing them. I don't know if I can watch the second half.

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Michael5000 said...

o many turnovers we could've opened a pastry shop

Wa wa wa.....