friday photo challenge

This week's theme: Hazards

Even climbing inside on the plastic rocks isn't always good for skin cohesion, but it can be great for skin lesions.*

*I know. This is a total cop out. I completely forgot about it until yesterday.


Glenn said...

Dude, as a good Catholic, I know stigmata when I see stigmata.

Dave said...

Dude, as a nurse, I know a scrape that needs a good cleaning when I see one. Seriously, get some Bactine on that shit.

e. said...

Dude. icky.

d said...

glenn: i am your messiah. follow me. i will lead you to drink and despair.

dave: bactine is for pussies.

e: yep.

Michael said...

I'm with Dave! MRSA!!! Beware!

FireHorse said...

Dude (I'm just following everyone else here), I'd definitely put some iodine on that scrape but then on the other hand, as an ex-catholic who was an altar boy, I have to agree with Glenn. As you are the messiah, iodine ain't gonna matter.