f*%$@!*^#king hell

Ralph Nader is running for president again. When will he f*%$@!*^#king stop this? The only thing it does is drain votes away from the Democratic Party's nominee and lets f*%$@!*^#king idiots like W be elected into office. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a third party, but… I don't know. This isn't… It just doesn't… Aaaaaaack.

And in other bad news, KU lost to f*%$@!*^#king Oklahoma State yesterday. Seriously? We only lost by one point, but the Cowboys owned that game from tip off. We didn't start playing like a team until there were only 5 minutes left in the second half. Our two recent losses on the road to really, pretty crappy teams is frankly making me extremely nervous about our chances in the tourney. I know what I said a couple weeks ago about being ok with our loss to Texas, but it was a blatant, robust, bald-faced lie. I'm nervous like…a thing that's really, really nervous.

And in personal news, I went to bed at 3a last night and, in spite of application of Sleepy Time®, woke up at 7a and my eyeballs feel like maybe they are drying up and sticking to the frontal lobe of my brain. Is there such a thing as too much caffeine? I'm way too old for this kind of f*%$@!*^#king shit.


Rebel said...

I voted for Nader last time (so sure blame me for W being "elected"... except that my state went to Gore anyway so I simply threw my vote away - I was young and naive). But after two terms of republican domination of our country... and now with a progressive and competitive democratic candidate, we really don't need Nader. He should just throw his support behind one of the others... put his hat in the ring for VP or something.

d said...

no. no. no. i certainly don't blame ANYONE for voting for nader. all i meant by that was the people in this country who would ostensibly vote for the dems are the only ones who care about having a third party.

the republicans don't. they think we only need one party. so, nader running helps them and hurts us. because as liberals we're conflicted about whether to use our vote to try to change the system or get someone in there who isn't a republican. which is a very difficult decision to make.

it seems like i need to stop talking about politics as it's pissing everyone off.

i don't know that i can though. i'm obsessed.

Jeannette said...

a third party is always a good idea, even if no one votes for them.

Rebel said...

I'm not pissed off. I tend to agree with you.

blythe said...

nader's like the boy who cried wolf. i don't think he'll receive many votes this time around, but we are a people who seem to enjoy mistake repetition. not that voting for him was a mistake. voting for bush twice was a mistake. that i didn't make. ok, the bottom line is that three parties at least! and go nader! but i won't vote for you.

d said...

blythe, i think you summed that up very nicely. job well done.

rebel, it makes me glowy inside that you're not pissed. if you were though, you would not be alone.

hopefully soon we will be able to go back to our regularly scheduled programming.