crazy or CRAZY?

Why do all of the media outlets only show pictures of Hillary Clinton with her mouth wide open, her eyes all agoogle and looking like a complete mad woman? Is it that they feel that a woman has to be crazy in order to run for President? Or is it that they want us to think that she's crazy and therefore should not be President? I know it's not because she always looks like that, so therefore, those are the only pictures they are able to take of her. I've seen her with her mouth closed and looking fairly rational. I know I have.

They only do it to her. The other candidates are shown smiling and looking completely sane. Or serious. What's up media outlets? Why can't you be truly objective like you're supposed to be? This is yellow journalism at its most subliminal and it's making me right angry. Even though I don't really want her to win.

If you want to read a really good write-up of Colorado Caucus-y goodness, head over to my friend Liz's house. She did a better job of describing her experience than I did.


e. said...

so, I think it is real sweet that you've suddenly got a soft spot for Hillary.
which is good. because if she is the nominee, we all need to get behind her. its the only way we'll win this one.

Rebel said...

It's Hillary... everytime I've seen her get interviewed she immediately cops a *huge* smile like "Look, I'm energetic!!! I'm upbeat!!! I'm friendly damn-it!!!" It strikes me as incredibly fake.

d said...

e: i'll definitely get behind her if she ends up being the nom. just because i don't want a republican in there again.

r: yeah. that's why i don't like her either. everything about her is contrived. she's just such a... politician.

Michael5000 said...

It's always trippy to hear people talk about impressions of public figures based on what they look like, how animated they are, etc. 'Cause, with no TV, I haven't a clue about any of that.