bon iver

A couple of days ago, I decided that I was finally ready to purchase the full-length debut by Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago. I think I waited so long because I wasn't sure I was prepared for the crushing disappointment that would come if it sucked. After falling literally head over heels for 'Skinny Love' (It now has been played over 150 times. And that's just in the iTunes on my computer, not counting both of my iPods.), I knew life as we know it might come to a gut-wrenching halt if the rest of the album didn't measure up.

Well, everyone can let out that pent up breath I know you've got held there, 'cause it is fantastic and everything that I could've possibly hoped for it to be. The only disappointment really is that at nine songs, there's just not enough of it, and I'm left wanting more.

If you like jangly, clangy, unexpected gospel-folk, sung strained at the very top octave of the vocal chords all about love, loss and the pain the world can bring, then I can't recommend this album enough. There's even one song, 'Wolves (Part I and II)' where I swear he's channeling Prince.

I know it's still February, but I honestly think that this will be my number one album this year, because it's gonna take something pretty damn special to knock it off the pedestal I've placed it on.


Michael5000 said...

Hey, this is weird: I went over to Emusic to see if they carry this Bon Iver fellow, and there he right there on the "recommended for you" front page. I didn't even have to search. So, if both you AND the Emusic robot think this guys good, I'll have to download the album.

....but not for a few weeks. I used up the last of my downloads lastnight on Mozart wind concerti. 'Cause that's the way I roll.

d said...

your 'new and noteworthy' must be very…interesting.

blythe said...

THANK YOU! your generosity saved my weekend.

Dave said...

Back when you first posted this (about three weeks ago), I thought hey, that sounds interesting, and I bookmarked it on iTunes to check out later. I just now got around to listening to some clips, liked what I heard enough to download the album, and all I can say is... damn. Thanks for calling this to my attention. This album is absolutely beautiful.

d said...

're:stacks' rips my soul in half every single time i hear it.

Dave said...

OMG, that's my favorite song too!