week 3

You know how you always see guys with beards stroking their faces from their upper lip down to their chin? That's because it's so much fun to pet your face when it has hair on it. It's like having a kitten strapped to your chin that you can pet whenever you want. My blood pressure is totally lower, I just know it.

My question is thus: what constitutes a really awesome beard? Do I let it get all Grizzly Adams, or do I go ahead and start trimming it? I kind of feel that if I'm going to trim it, then I should just shave it all off, but I don't know if it's reached the 'really awesome' stage yet. My friend Nikki told me that it is, in fact, pretty awesome, but I kinda think that since you can still see skin through the hair then it's not yet. Tell me.


Kate said...

I happen to consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of beards. I have some experience with men with beards (yeah, don't ask).

You're beard is pretty awesome. I gotta say, I think the mustache part is a little light/thin. Other than that, it looks good.

I think a trimmed beard is much better than a full on crazy-guy-in-the-woods beard. It shows that you do care about your appearance. Mark has a nice beard trimmer, and he trims whenever its so long that it curls all the way under and pokes him in the neck. For him, that can be rather short, but you can still tell it's a full, awesome beard.

Yours is almost there. It's pretty darn awesome.

Michael5000 said...

I think you ought to go for the Hassidic look.

d said...

kate: thanks! the 'patchy' areas are where the blond hair is, really. i will take your concerns under advisement.

m5k: i'm totally with you. my friend q and i last night decided that i'm going to let it go for 8 weeks without touching it just to see what happens.

Dave said...

IMO, you're not even approaching the realm of awesomeness until your beard is longer than the hair on your head. But that's just me. Although at some point you will want to trim the mustache back just so it isn't poking into your mouth.

And if you need any added incentive, just know that the longer it gets, the more fun it is to pet.

G said...

I agree with the other posters here: you need a few more weeks. You should still groom it (with a comb or somesuch device) as it's growing in, otherwise it will look very unmanaged. Please see my post The Mustache Chronicles for possibilities if you decide to shave it.

Listen to Dave! He holds small children in his lap!

d said...

dave: so if i shave my head, then that would automatically make the beard awesome? j/k. i'm gonna keep on keepin' on. and see how long i can stand it.

g: awesome post, re: the mustache chronicles. chimp butt was my favorite.

i was already planning on shaving it off in stages and taking photos. my friend n really wants to see the fu manchu. i'm not sure i can bear to see just 'mustache'.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Lookin good. I can chart the progress of nime compared to yours now.

I am all for trimming it. The Grizzly Adams looks is really unappealing.

tina f. said...

Final word: Yo do need to let it grow a little more. But - also - trim the scraggily bits. You can do both. I think a well-trimmed beard is the most awesome kind of beard. Grizzly Adams beards on young men = stinky jam-band loving trust fund hippies. Don't do it!!

I love Q, but I disagree that you should go 8 weeks w/o trimming. Gross dude. It's going to be annoying as hell, too.

That's my ruling on this (I am feeling very unempowered at work today so I am trying to recover by pretending I have some control over your grooming habits.)

d said...

wait. i don't think it's possible to trim and let it grow at the same time. don't the two contradict each other? explain please.

also, i really kind of do want the trust fund, stinky, jam band hippy thing for just a little bit. then i can decide whether to keep it or throw it all away in a fit of trimming.

it'll be a sociology experiment.

Big Daddy said...

Team trimmed beard here.

Untamed beards/scraggly beards are a turn off.

tina f. said...

A key part of "growing out your hair" is making sure to trim it regularly. Girls know this (the wisdom here is that cutting off the dead stuff encourages new growth). Even if that is not the case with beards, you will soon find out that different bits of your beard grow at different paces than others. So you trim the scraggily bits (that grow faster or on a uneven patch of skin) so that it matches the rest. The first time you take scissors or razor to it and trim/even it out, you will see what I mean. It will look very different.

Do the grizzly thing if you must. But it's so hot all neat and nice the way it is now. Grizzly isn't hot!

Again though - I think my intense passion about your beard is really more of an outlet for the impotence I am experiencing w/r/t my job right today. So feel free to disregard.

Scoobers said...

I think you should grow it out a bit more. It's looking good!

d said...

thanks all for the opinions on my grooming requirements. i think what i'll do is let it go for one more week and decide if i need to do anything with it then. chances are good that i may not be able to handle it a whole lot longer than that. it's driving me crazy today.

G said...

There are definitely TWO types of trimming (which may be done simultaneously):
1) When you use a trimmer to cut the length of the beard;
2) When you shave the little hairs on your cheeks and tame the neck beard part to keep it tidy looking.

#2 is a good idea if you have to interact with other people, particularly bosses. I would recommend that type of trimming (in fact, it looks like you may have done this already).

Jeannette said...

Look how much action your blog is getting with this beard. For that reason alone keep it growing.

d said...

g: yes. definitely shaving off the neck and cheek hairs. i can't do the throatee thing.

j: people like to comment on the facial hair apparently.