sweet baby jesus

The 'Hawks beat Missouri last night 76-70. Everyone figured it would be a low-scoring game, and I was actually thinking that we wouldn't probably win. Even though Missouri isn't ranked, they've been playing really well lately, and for some reason, we kind of choke against them at really weird times. Plus, since North Carolina lost to Maryland (w00t! take that He Who Shall Not Be Named - No. 1 my ass. Maryland isn't even ranked!), I figured that the Bball Gods would look down from on high and smote us since HWSNBN has seemingly made some unholy pact with them, so he could finally win a goddamn championship game. Asshole.

Anyway. We won! And the Tarheels lost! A great day in bball.


Michael5000 said...

Geez, I'm such a lame bastard about basketball. But I rejoice in your happiness. Rock Chalk, I guess.

d said...

i think what you meant to say was ROCK CHALK!!!

Michael5000 said...

: )