happy birthday people of the south wind

The Sunflower State is celebrating its 146th birthday today. That's a hell of a lot of candles to blow out.

I was hoping that Gov Sebelius would give our great state a little shout out in her 'Democratic Response' last night, but she looked too scared shitless to deviate from what was scrolling across the teleprompter.

Head over to my friend, e's ad.astra.land if you want to read a somewhat comprehensive list of reasons why Kansas is awesome.


Michael5000 said...

There are two things I really miss about Kansas. That sounds snarky, but it's not -- there are plenty of things that I liked and occasionally kinda miss, whatever -- but these are the big two:

1. The sound of cicadas on warm nights, and
2. Thunderstorms.

Miss 'em!

d said...

ah the thunderstorms. i definitely miss the thunderstorms.