I know it means absolutely nothing and will be greatly short-lived, but justice has been served.* I also can't believe that Coach K beat out HWSNBN in the polls. Suck on it a-hole.** I hope you just keep losing.

* I also know that none of you care, but I do, and as this blog is all about me, deal.
** Yes. I'm still very bitter about his betrayal, five years later. I always will be. This will never change.


DougieB said...

are you referring to UNC? I'm assuming that is what you're thinking about, though it saddens me that anyone would ever find reason to cheer for Coach K, like, ever.

d said...

yes. unc. the devil's playground.

what've you got against coach k? me? i hate duke with a passion rivaled only by my hatred of unc, but i will always have a soft spot in my heart for coach k. he's a damn fine coach.