fillupmunkeeshow, a shout out

Thanks to a head's up from M5k, I've become totally enamored with an online show, shot, directed and produced by boo, who received a hand puppet in the form of a monkey in the mail one day and somehow decided to make a show starring said monkey.

Fillupmunkeeshow is engaging, funny and reminiscent of The Muppet Show as Fillup interacts with real, live humans and questions them about The Lady, his symbiote and mysterious, unseen costar. Fillup is all too aware that he is both a hand puppet and a monkey, and seems to be unbothered by this fact. I've only watched three episodes so far, but I can already tell that this is a highly creative endeavor that deserves major kudos.

It's also available on iTunes.


boo said...

Hey thank you very much for the shout out! I appreciate it. And now I've found another good blog to read too. Double bonus!

The beard is looking good. My father has one and it is one of those wild ungroomed deals. I am confident that one day part of my inheritance will be found there slightly preserved in egg yolk or something similar.Though I do believe it does give him super powers.

d said...

i can't wait until mine gets unruly. and for the super powers.