daily commute, or how i came to remember that the world is often more strange and beautiful than i give it credit for

Normally our morning excursions are accompanied by the sounds of whatever is currently streaming through the wires, punctuated by yells of 'Leave it. Leave it! LEAVE IT!!' as I try to keep her from eating/rolling in whatever new dead thing/fecal matter she has discovered left discarded on the ground.

But this morning the ponds were singing.

Vocalizing their euphoria/discombobulation (I'm not one able to discern the difference) in regards to their transition from frozen to liquid; the ice jostling for position with its' less frosty clone. It brought to mind whalesong, or the conversations of other, more alien, creatures trapped in the deep, dark confines of the sea.

For once, I yanked the buds out of my ears and reveled in Mother Nature's symphony.


tina f. said...

That's beautiful.

My morning began with me stepping in pile of dog crap on the sidewalk outside of my front door.

Yours was the better morning by far.

d said...

oh. i don't know. a big pile of steaming dog crap holds its' own rewards.

Michael5000 said...

You almost make me wish I lived in a place with seasons. Except, doesn't it get cold?

d said...

yes. cold. but it doesn't last for long. we'll get a couple of days at about 20ยบ and then it gets back up into the 40s again. rinse. repeat. from sept to april.