the cnn morning show is really starting to piss me off

If you want to start your weekend off right, don't go to 8a spin class. Or, do, but don't look at anyone. 'Cause at that time of the day, the only people who are functioning well enough to attend said spin class are the over-50 set. The segment of the over-50 set who think it's ok to stuff their over-50 bodies into spandex biking shorts and those road biking jerseys that zip. All the way down to the belly button. Exposing inordinate amounts of upper body hair. Sweaty upper body hair. And rolls of flesh that are better left to the imagination. This little tirade may seem a tad judgmental, but let me posit this: Um. You're riding stationery bikes. They're not going anywhere. Why? Why do you need to be aerodynamic? There is no wind. Thus. No wind resistance. Why? For it is causing my eyes to bleed.

Yesterday, Dylan and I returned to the climbing wall to complete another marathon climbing session. Even though I was really strung out still from combination of spin class and a night down in Denver, I managed to stick it out for three hours. I was pretty amazed. The awesome Snickers® bar I had halfway through helped a bit.

Today, it is freezing outside and snowing and winter. Fucking winter. So, I'm staying inside and drinking a crapload of coffee and cranking out some work that I didn't get done this weekend. And ranting at the idiots who are the anchors for the CNN morning show. Man. I should've been a news anchor, because apparently you don't need to be all that bright to make a shitton of money reading the news to people.


Michael5000 said...

I actually own a pair of spandex biking shorts, but I will only wear them under normal, human shorts. I am an avid cyclist, but after 25 years still find the clothing that serious cyclists wear kind of embarassing to look at, let alone to wear. No spandex for me. I wear nylon and cotton, like God intended.

d said...

i think that this is exactly as it should be. for everyone involved.