82/365 the video gamer

Computer wiz, science fiction fan, turkey god, bike rider, rock climbing guru. That one thumb trick you showed me serves me well to this day. Your friendly, outgoing personality makes you easy to hang with.


I'm a participant of x365.


Mark said...

Sean, so that must be me (Mark). The phrase "thumb trick" doesn't yet ring a bell for me. Please help me out.

d said...

yes. that be you. what!? i can't believe you don't remember that. it was so pivotal. when we first met oh so many moons ago, you showed me how to put my thumb on top of my fingers on really crimpy holds. it works!

Kate T-C said...

Well, I have to say, the wording was a little vague there. I mean, Mark is good with his hands in many endeavors, and when I read that, I turned to him and screeched "What thumb trick DID you teach him?"

d said...

i can see where that probably made you a little nervous. i don't think you ever have to worry about mark switching teams.