72/365 the good example

You wanted very badly to be my mentor and for some reason I resisted your attempts. At first. Eventually though, your low-key attitude and ample encouragement won me over. You set me off on the right foot.

I'm a participant of x365.


Bridget B. said...

x365 is a pretty cool concept. maybe on the matchbook for 2009?

d said...

it started off as a pretty interesting exercise in tallying up all of those people in my life who have touched me in some way.

now, i find myself struggling a bit to nail down people i want to write about. not the people that are important to me in my current life, because there are still several of those that i need to document, but the ones who were in the past that i vaguely remember but stuck with me for some reason or another.

not to be discouraging or anything, but yeah it's worth a try. maybe you won't struggle as much as I am now.