well f%$k

For the first time in recorded history, K-St beat KU at K-St. 84 - 75. I kinda knew it was gonna happen, but I'm still pretty pissed about it. That means that K-St is No1 in the Big 12 Conference. K-St! It's unbelievable. When things are all good and right with the universe, K-St is supposed to suck at bball and be good at football. NOT the other way around.

I'm gonna go crawl into a corner and suck on my thumb for a little bit. Call me when we win again.


82/365 the video gamer

Computer wiz, science fiction fan, turkey god, bike rider, rock climbing guru. That one thumb trick you showed me serves me well to this day. Your friendly, outgoing personality makes you easy to hang with.


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i thought i should let you all know

The Really Awesome Beard Project has come to a screeching halt. I could take it no longer.The itchiness. The feeling of having a sea anemone on my upper lip. The cursed food and beverages getting stuck in it all the time. So, I shaved it all off on Saturday. God, I feel so much better. It was fun to pet and all, but really, when that's the only thing something has going for it, it's not really worth keeping around.

ETA: I had to take that picture of me off of here. It was really starting to creep me out to see my ugly mug so large and up close every time I visited my blog.

daily commute

Seriously? People need classes for this?

happy birthday people of the south wind

The Sunflower State is celebrating its 146th birthday today. That's a hell of a lot of candles to blow out.

I was hoping that Gov Sebelius would give our great state a little shout out in her 'Democratic Response' last night, but she looked too scared shitless to deviate from what was scrolling across the teleprompter.

Head over to my friend, e's ad.astra.land if you want to read a somewhat comprehensive list of reasons why Kansas is awesome.


81/365 the artist

I don't know you, but I like your style. Wanna swap portraits?

And that's how two people became internet friends. Your open, frank honesty is refreshing. Your recent move to Japan means that you can do anything.

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cat power

I've started experimenting with adding more color to my normal style. I'm not sure it's entirely successful, but I like where it's going, so I'll keep on keepin' on. Look for this illustration of Cat Power at a Daytrotter home page near you soon.

80/365 the host

Your ability to talk to anyone, anywhere any time, is envied. Your jokes often fly over my head, but when they don't, they're some of the funniest around. Hanging out with you is always a good time.

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in big 12 news, or feel free to skip this post

I'm not that sad that I missed the game last night. It looks like it was a snoozer. Which is entirely expected when you pit the best team in the country (yeah. I said it) against one of the worst.

What I am sad that I missed is the Baylor/A & M game. 5 overtimes? Baylor? Wha'? I don't even know what world this is anymore.

Keep us in your thoughts on Tuesday since we have to meet K-State. At home thankfully, but still.


more evidence that he's a douchebag

Apparently the Bush administration only told 935 lies leading up to the war in Iraq. Now, all in one convenient database set up online for your perusal. Tell me again why no one cared about this?

the future is now, well next year i guess

Have you seen this article about Virgin Atlantic finishing up their first private-passenger space ship? Man. I wish I had 100,000 pounds to spend on a two-hour flight into space. That would be so cool! I never thought I'd be alive to see regular people flying around in the vacuum. It's simply, breathtaking and unbelievable. Here's to private enterprise and industry.


week 4

So, apparently new growth has slowed down to a crawl. Or has stopped altogether. I can't tell. I almost shaved it all off this week, but after vehement exhortations from a few people, decided to settle for just trimming the fuzzy stuff along the jawline. Which was largely unsuccessful as I am unskilled with said trimmer. So, I decided to just leave it the hell alone. For another week (?) or until I just can't stand it any longer.

It's still f'in' itchy.

Oh. And so far, no super powers whatsoever. Plus, as g says, I think it has made me skinnier, as if all of the nutrition my body is consuming is being funneled straight to the beard. And, I developed a canker sore on the inside of my upper lip. Something I haven't had since I was a gawky teenager with braces that kept cutting up the inside of my mouth. Q and I decided it was the mustache's fault. For, really, I think I could handle this whole beard thing if it weren't for the damn mustache. That's the part that bugs me the most. Plus, the hair is not curling. Really. It's pretty much just sticking straight out from my face. Which makes me look like a bristle brush.

Oh. And the other thing is, I feel really, really weird exercising with the beard on. It's as if people who grow beards should not be concerned about their physical appearance. Not really the rock climbing actually, 'cause a beard and rock climbing seem to go hand in hand, but spin class? Nothing makes you feel stupider in spin class than having a beard.

79/365 the gardener

Extraordinary cook, rock climber, music lover, book enthusiast, environmentalist, counselor to the wee ones. It sounds really trite, but your smile really does light up a room. It always makes me happy to see it. Dutch Blitz!

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78/365 the believer

On that weird road trip, you told me to hold my breath while passing cemeteries, so the ghosts couldn't get in. I've always wondered what you do if the cemetery is really large, or you're walking by.

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I haven't been sleeping all that well lately. Despite the daily taking of the Sleepy Time®. I think, at least, that last night's woes were a direct result of having a cup of coffee at 4p. It was so cold and I was so sleepy, I just couldn't resist. Anyway, I woke up at 11.50p (after going to bed at 10.30p) with this running through my brain:

It was a joke between them, the little, green plastic ring with the
almost cartoonish shape of the acorn on top, started so long ago that it
had become less funny and much more sentimental. He had gotten down on
one knee at that tacky seafood restaurant, every bit the grand cliché of
the romantic proposal, but when he opened up the black velvet box,
instead of a diamond, it had been this.

She twisted it absentmindedly on
her finger as she always did when she
was lost.

She had gasped that
night as he opened the box and then fell into a nervous
fit of laughter
that didn’t stop until he kissed her, submerging the sounds bubbling
from her throat with his warm, chapped lips. Even after he had pulled
the real one from his other pocket she insisted on wearing the acorn.
Not on her wedded finger, of course not there, but on the opposite. It
fit quite nicely and drew stares and comments and gave her something to
talk about at those dreadful faculty parties he was always dragging her
to. Had always dragged her to. So, it served its’ function and made
people laugh and reminded her why she had picked him in the first place.
And, oh, how sometimes she’d needed that reminder.

He had promised her forever and then left abruptly, unexpectedly and
meaninglessly. Though, like most of the major events in their life
together, it too had been somewhat cliché. The day he died the world
came crashing down, but of course they’d lived too far away from the
center of the universe to be a part of that. No. He had died in one of
the most pathetic ways she could’ve ever imagined. Slipping in the tub
of all things. Jesus Christ. Stupid. Sometimes she fantasized about how
she could tell strangers that he did die in that terrible… accident(?)
that day when those men from the Middle East did the unthinkable, for
they could believe her, strangers, and she wouldn’t have to feel the
flush of embarrassment creep up from the neckline of her shirt and flood
her face with blotchy redness. Instead, she would be able to hold her
head up regally and distantly describe how she imagined he must’ve felt
in his last moments. Deep down, she felt that a part of her had wanted
to move to New York, less as an escape from their former life together,
and more as a means of making the fantasized death seem more plausible.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep until I wrote it down (that's how it works), so I got up, woke the computer from its' slumber and wrote it down. Then I went back to bed and slept until 6a, so you see, it was necessary, apparently. It is interesting how you can see exactly what's been going through my subconscious though, right?

I looked at this morning and decided to wad it up and throw it in the electronic trash. For that is also how it works. And is usually the result of late night musings.



I know it means absolutely nothing and will be greatly short-lived, but justice has been served.* I also can't believe that Coach K beat out HWSNBN in the polls. Suck on it a-hole.** I hope you just keep losing.

* I also know that none of you care, but I do, and as this blog is all about me, deal.
** Yes. I'm still very bitter about his betrayal, five years later. I always will be. This will never change.

77/365 the coach

Outdoor guru. Computer wiz. Music lover. Environmentalist. Climbing teacher. Your calm, patient, good-humored outlook on the world, often reminds me to chill the fuck out already. I do think your Libertarian leanings are a little nuts though.

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the cnn morning show is really starting to piss me off

If you want to start your weekend off right, don't go to 8a spin class. Or, do, but don't look at anyone. 'Cause at that time of the day, the only people who are functioning well enough to attend said spin class are the over-50 set. The segment of the over-50 set who think it's ok to stuff their over-50 bodies into spandex biking shorts and those road biking jerseys that zip. All the way down to the belly button. Exposing inordinate amounts of upper body hair. Sweaty upper body hair. And rolls of flesh that are better left to the imagination. This little tirade may seem a tad judgmental, but let me posit this: Um. You're riding stationery bikes. They're not going anywhere. Why? Why do you need to be aerodynamic? There is no wind. Thus. No wind resistance. Why? For it is causing my eyes to bleed.

Yesterday, Dylan and I returned to the climbing wall to complete another marathon climbing session. Even though I was really strung out still from combination of spin class and a night down in Denver, I managed to stick it out for three hours. I was pretty amazed. The awesome Snickers® bar I had halfway through helped a bit.

Today, it is freezing outside and snowing and winter. Fucking winter. So, I'm staying inside and drinking a crapload of coffee and cranking out some work that I didn't get done this weekend. And ranting at the idiots who are the anchors for the CNN morning show. Man. I should've been a news anchor, because apparently you don't need to be all that bright to make a shitton of money reading the news to people.


sweet baby jesus

The 'Hawks beat Missouri last night 76-70. Everyone figured it would be a low-scoring game, and I was actually thinking that we wouldn't probably win. Even though Missouri isn't ranked, they've been playing really well lately, and for some reason, we kind of choke against them at really weird times. Plus, since North Carolina lost to Maryland (w00t! take that He Who Shall Not Be Named - No. 1 my ass. Maryland isn't even ranked!), I figured that the Bball Gods would look down from on high and smote us since HWSNBN has seemingly made some unholy pact with them, so he could finally win a goddamn championship game. Asshole.

Anyway. We won! And the Tarheels lost! A great day in bball.


weekly photo challenge

My first entry in Glenn and Dave's Weekly Photo Challenge. This week's theme: Cemeteries. I kind of cheated 'cause I took this when I was back home over the holidays. Personally, I think it's a little creepy and sad that someone decided this corpse needed some Christmas spirit.


week 3

You know how you always see guys with beards stroking their faces from their upper lip down to their chin? That's because it's so much fun to pet your face when it has hair on it. It's like having a kitten strapped to your chin that you can pet whenever you want. My blood pressure is totally lower, I just know it.

My question is thus: what constitutes a really awesome beard? Do I let it get all Grizzly Adams, or do I go ahead and start trimming it? I kind of feel that if I'm going to trim it, then I should just shave it all off, but I don't know if it's reached the 'really awesome' stage yet. My friend Nikki told me that it is, in fact, pretty awesome, but I kinda think that since you can still see skin through the hair then it's not yet. Tell me.


'hawks trounce the sooners

85 - 55! And, for once we actually hit almost all of our free throws, 17 of 18! Free throws have always been the 'Hawks' downfall. The Sooners are gonna say that we won because their leading scorer, Blake Griffin, was injured five minutes into the game and never returned, but I say we woulda kicked their asses anyway.

So, that butt whupping brings our record to 17-0 overall and 2-0 in the conference.

In other Big 12 news:
No one else played recently, so I don't have to pay attention to the rest of the conference. W00t! Although some K-State freshman got named the Big 12 Player of the Week or something and this announcement adds to my nervousness about the strength of their team this year. We haven't had to worry about beating KSt in bball since Typhoid Mary was wandering around giving people the ol' stink eye, but now, this year, I am worried. We beat them in football earlier this year, which just about rent the universe in two, so that means we'll probably lose to them in bball. Aaaaagggghhh.


in sporting news

KU beat Nebraska last night, 79 - 58, which really wasn't much of a surprise. It was kind of a slow, boring game—I fell asleep about halfway through the second half, that's how not riveting it was. Now that we're in conference play I have to start paying attention to how the other Big 12 teams are doing:
1. Texas lost to Missouri! Holy shit. That is unbelievable. Missouri's not even ranked.
2. Colorado lost to A & M. Yeah, yeah. No surprise there. Colorado blows.
3. K-State beat Oklahoma! Only by two points, but still. I'm glad that K-State finally has a decent basketball team, but I don't like that they may be another contender for the Big 12 title this year.
4. Ok State beat Texas Tech. I hate Bobby Knight. I'm happy every time he loses.
5. Iowa St. loses to Baylor. Awww. Look at that, Baylor actually won a game. That's cute.

In other weekend news, I discovered Google Reader yesterday. It's awesome! I know I'm waaaaaayyy behind the curve ball here, but still. The only downside to knowing which of the sites I visit regularly have new posts is that when none of them have new posts it takes less time to scroll through all of them. The upside is that it takes less time to scroll through all of them. Now I have fewer excuses to stay on the couch. One of my friends keeps saying that Google is going to take over the world someday soon. I firmly believe it, with all of my being. They just have way too many toys that make your life easier.


fillupmunkeeshow, a shout out

Thanks to a head's up from M5k, I've become totally enamored with an online show, shot, directed and produced by boo, who received a hand puppet in the form of a monkey in the mail one day and somehow decided to make a show starring said monkey.

Fillupmunkeeshow is engaging, funny and reminiscent of The Muppet Show as Fillup interacts with real, live humans and questions them about The Lady, his symbiote and mysterious, unseen costar. Fillup is all too aware that he is both a hand puppet and a monkey, and seems to be unbothered by this fact. I've only watched three episodes so far, but I can already tell that this is a highly creative endeavor that deserves major kudos.

It's also available on iTunes.


76/365 the class clown

It's highly appropriate that you were born on April Fool's Day. Your sarcasm, harsh judgment of others and extremely dry wit keep me laughing for hours. Moving to Italy will be the smartest thing you've ever done.

I'm a participant of x365.


week 2

It's hard to tell exactly how full and luxurious my new beard is from this lousy picture. Some of that has to do with the fact that there's an odd amount of blond hair in there. Odd, because of how not blond the hair on my head is. Some of that has to do with how utterly craptastic my camera is when taking pictures indoors. If you could only see it in person it would make you literally gasp.

I'm not sure that I really like having a beard all that much. The itching has stopped thank god, but the zits are still wreaking havoc with my chin. Plus, things get stuck in there and have a difficult time struggling their way back out again. The other day, I was looking in the mirror while flossing and noticed something that looked suspiciously like a booger stuck to the side of my face. Moral of the story? I should stop picking my nose. And, maybe look in the mirror more than twice a day. Plus, whenever I eat or drink something, part of it dribbles down my chin and ends up stuck on my face somewhere. I can't decide if I've always had problems eating and the beard is only magnifying them, or if the beard is getting in the way and causing a less foodtight seal between my mouth and my eating/drinking utensils.

Two other things and I will stop talking about facial hair. 1) People totally check me out more when I have hair on my face. I can't tell if they're trying to figure out how I got so hot, or if they're wondering who let the old, homeless guy into their presence and hoping maybe that he doesn't smell bad. 2) I believe that once the beard gets to a certain point, it will totally imbue me with super powers. What they will be, only time will tell.

it's the price you pay, or don't bring in da funk and speak very, very softly

It seems as though another (subconscious) one of my New Year's resolutions was to eat as many things that require ketchup as I can stuff in my maw. Scrambled eggs, fried egg sandwiches, turkey burgers, veggie corn dogs and french fries. Lots and lots of french fries.

I know that most of my new dietary requirements stem from the fact that I am suffering a massive bout of depression. Which I almost always do this time of year. The holidays are over and there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. But winter. And grayness. And the frigid.

On Monday I got a full-time, big boy membership at the gym at which I climb. This means that I can now use everything and anything I want to there. Not that I probably will, but it's nice to have options I guess. So, yesterday I went and rode the bike for an hour. Much more palatable than that fucking medieval torture device that is the treadmill. It made me feel marginally better, but I still can't stomach the thought of the rabbit food.

Even considering putting a carrot into my mouth makes me nauseous and want to throw up a little. Today I am trying to muster up the energy to get my ass off the couch and go to the gym and boulder. I should go, right? Even thirty minutes would be better than nothing. That's what I tell myself anyway.

75/365 the boss (#5ish)

You really did make a good first impression. Laid back. Easy going. Then, a couple months later, the crazy came leaking out. In torrents. Multiple personality disorder? Bipolar? Chemistry malfunction? Whatever.

Is 'psychotic' a prerequisite for 'boss'?

I'm a participant of x365.


74/365 the boss (#4?)

To look at us, you'd think we would have gotten along famously. You're liberal, a bicyclist, care about eating right. In other words, we have some things in common, so why couldn't we see eye to eye?

I'm a participant of x365.


daily commute, or how i came to remember that the world is often more strange and beautiful than i give it credit for

Normally our morning excursions are accompanied by the sounds of whatever is currently streaming through the wires, punctuated by yells of 'Leave it. Leave it! LEAVE IT!!' as I try to keep her from eating/rolling in whatever new dead thing/fecal matter she has discovered left discarded on the ground.

But this morning the ponds were singing.

Vocalizing their euphoria/discombobulation (I'm not one able to discern the difference) in regards to their transition from frozen to liquid; the ice jostling for position with its' less frosty clone. It brought to mind whalesong, or the conversations of other, more alien, creatures trapped in the deep, dark confines of the sea.

For once, I yanked the buds out of my ears and reveled in Mother Nature's symphony.

a shout out

There are quite a few blogs that I visit on a regular basis and yesterday I decided that I should start giving some of them a little press from time to time. The first one to receive this dubious honor is a little bi-weekly 'comic' strip called 'A Softer World'. Written by a couple of kids from somewhere in the frosty wasteland that is Canada, it's satire on the human condition at its' snarkiest. Here's a sample:

73/365 the alpha dog

If anyone could have claimed the title, 'best friend in high school' it would've been you. I was trapped in your gravity well like a duller moon. I guess it was nice to finally be accepted there.

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i should go back to not paying attention because this shit just pisses me off

Former presidential candidate George McGovern is calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. The Washington Post recently ran an op/ed piece written by Mr. McGovern in which he says:

"Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses. They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly "high crimes and misdemeanors," to use the constitutional standard."

Read the entire editorial here.

My question is why now? With only one year left in their term, an impeachment would do little more than make a statement. Maybe it's a statement that needs to be made though? So the rest of the world would see that maybe America isn't completely f'ed up after all.

I don't know, but I think that it's too little too late. He should have been impeached when we first found out that he lied about his knowledge of WMDs in Iraq. To do it now, after so much time has passed and so much money has been flushed down the toilet that we have made of Iraq just seems like so much pointless grandstanding. And a waste of time and energy.

In other news, Ron Paul might be certifiably crazy, the weather all across the country is all apocalyptic and shit, it looks like we'll soon be going to war with Iran and 3:10 to Yuma is apparently the best western ever filmed.


72/365 the good example

You wanted very badly to be my mentor and for some reason I resisted your attempts. At first. Eventually though, your low-key attitude and ample encouragement won me over. You set me off on the right foot.

I'm a participant of x365.


in sports news

KU whomped all over Boston College today. North Carolina? Phah. That's what I say to that.

Oh and Mangino was named FWAA/Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year. So, I guess the cupcake season wasn't all bad.

71/365 the meterologist

Rock climber, sister, yogi, student, wife, photographer, daughter, dog lover, fellow Mac obsessee. Your love of the pun is awesome because it allows your infectious laugh to come bursting out. Often and loudly.

Thanks for the friendship.

I'm a participant of x365.


it's always good to end on kicking the other guy's ass

And not that that actually happened, exactly, with a score of 24-21, but still. A 'w' is a 'w'. So, maybe a little vindication for the Big 12 championship game?

oh lord help us

On good days it takes the R-dog about five minutes to get in and out of the house through the doggie door. I think largely because she's always been unaware of exactly how big she is and how much space she actually occupies. Which makes her tremendously klutzy. Now that she's an old, old lady, and the arthritis is starting to creep in and it takes her 10 minutes to even stand up let alone squeeze through not just one flap, but two, it takes her a really long time to get her butt through the wall of the house.

This morning I was sitting here, on the couch, doing a little surfing when I heard some commotion coming from the mud room where said doggie door is located. I didn't really think anything about it because I also just brought home a new bag of dog food and there's nothing more exciting in her world than when a fresh new 40lbs of dry, crunchy, made from things I'd rather not think about, finally something she can eat, gets set down somewhere where she can actually smell it, so I figured she was just rooting around trying to figure out a way to get into the bag.

Then, banging and a lot of sighing. And Gus came into the living room and looked at me imploringly. Then more banging. And more sighing loudly. So, I get up off the couch and go investigate. Somehow, she got one of her front legs trapped in some rubber part of the dog door. She was just sitting there staring at it, obviously wondering how the hell that had just happened and not really sure how to resolve the situation.

Anyone who says that dogs could survive on their own in the wild obviously hasn't ever met the R-dog.

is it sad? yes. yes, it is.

On CNN this morning, some shit that Britney Spears is going through is trumping news about the Iowa caucuses. Sometimes. I get really tired of America.



Part documentary, part love story, part musical this movie walked a thin line between being really amazing and simply being a really long music video. Fortunately, due largely to the beautiful music, it resolved itself into a beautifully told story about renewing lost love and letting new, unrequited love slip through your fingers because it's the right thing to do.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova work really well together behind the microphones and behind the camera. I don't know how the producers found the two and put them together, but whoever was responsible for that decision deserves an Oscar just for that one, maybe not so simple, thing.

It is a really beautiful script with truly wonderful music put together brilliantly so neither one overwhelms the other. Maybe I'm a little biased because I've owned the soundtrack for ages now, but for me at least, it was really nice to see some images put to songs I've been enjoying for such a long time.

70/365 the redhead

I really wanted to date you in spite of (maybe because of?) your abrasive personality, but you were always dating someone else. And then you married that really goonie, kinda fat guy. Maybe I dodged a bullet?

I'm a participant of x365.

week 1

It's been seven days since I last shaved and I think the Really Awesome Beard Project is off to a really good start, although I am surprised by how much gray is in it. And, right now, I kind of look like I might be homeless. And what's with all of the zits?


daily commute

Downtown Anderson, Mo.

69/365 the coworker (#2)

For some reason, I didn't mind that your nickname for me was 'dork'. We both hated our jobs so we'd go back to my downtown apartment over our (sometimes two hour) lunch break and watch movies.

I'm a participant of x365.


yeah. it's new year's.

I'm usually one to eschew tradition and avoid doing things just because everyone else is doing them, but this year I've decided to make, not resolutions really, but some goals for the new year.

1. Visit at least two different countries by the end of the year (dependent solely on travel fund availability).
2. Try one semester of the MFA program at SCAD.
3. Finish enough paintings to have my own show.
4. Make a list of things I want to do to my house and knock off as many as available funds will allow.
5. Climb a 5.11
6. Grow a really kick ass beard.

daily commute

For a town of only 1,856 (according to the latest census data) Anderson, Mo has an inordinate amount of tanning places. Mom blames it on the Southern ideal of high fashion—big bangs and orange skin.

68/365 the chef

Ostensibly you are a pastry chef, but every single foodstuff that comes out of your kitchen is Ambrosia. Your fierce love and loyalty are important to all you give it to. You picked a really good husband.

I'm a participant of x365.