twelve point five

That's how many hours I spent in the car yesterday to get from Fort Collins to the tiny little town in southwest Missouri where my folks live. My sister was positive it would take a lot longer than that, but it really cuts out quite a bit of time when you go twenty miles per hour over the speed limit.

When you spend that much time alone in a tiny moving space, some really stupid shit goes through your head. Let me see if I can remember all of it.

1. I really like the looks of the new 'Official State Vehicle of Kansas' license plates.
2. I also really like the looks of the new 'personalized' Kansas license plates. The buffalo was a good idea.
3. When did Tennessee's license plates become so classy? Is that misleading?

4. Same with Kentucky. WTF?
5. 'Communion Cups' by Iron & Wine now might be the best song ever written of all time anywhere. Seriously. It ripped my soul right in half. Could that guy be any more amazing? I couldn't find any videos of Sam singing it, so it's not quite the same level of amazingness 'cause it's just some guy named Adam, but you might get the idea.
6. After listening to 'Stronger' by Kanye West and 'Communion Cups' by Iron & Wine about 50 times each, I've decided that Sam and Kanye need to get together and mix it up. Or some DJ somewhere with actual talent should do a remix of those two songs. Wouldn't that be awesome?
7. Western Kansas really is as boring to drive through as everyone says. I always feel the need to stand up for my home state when people dog on it, but after driving through there for the 50 gazillionth time yesterday, I've decided that it just needs to go. Maybe if everyone folds their maps right there, it will disappear off the face of the Earth?
8. But eastern Kansas is just breathtakingly beautiful. I don't care what anyone says and I will defend that statement with my last, dying breath.
9. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever beat a Midwest sunset. The clouds. The pretty colors. The fact that it's everywhere and lasts for such a long time. Ah.
10. I made the mistake/awesome decision to get off of I-70 and take K-10 through the old homestead on my way to the new homestead. I was happy to see that not that much had changed, but I think it effectively killed any remnants of homesickness I might've had still lingering. I've always kind of wanted to move back there someday, but after driving through there yesterday, I don't know...I kinda don't.
11. The folks from Johnson County, Kan still drive like they're the only ones on the road. It's nice to know some things never change.
12. People everywhere have no earthly idea what purpose the passing lane serves. Here's a clue kids, it's in the name of the damn thing.
13. If you are driving in the passing lane, it's best to not be going 20 miles per hour under the speed limit. That's how morons die.
14. I can't decide which is worse: driving home or flying. They both seem to take just about as long, by the time you get through the airport, fly, get through the other airport, have to wait an hour and a half for your bag to come on the next flight (which happens every single time I fly from Denver to KC), rent a car, and drive the three hours home. But, man. The driving was BORING.

Alright, that's all I got. Sorry it wasn't all that exciting. Now, I must go spend real time with my family, since that was, ostensibly, the whole reason for the drive.


Michael5000 said...

Ah yes, the K-10. Brings back memories.

Strangely, the "breathtakingly beautiful" part doesn't bring back memories. At least not the "breathtakingly" part. Sorry man. To each his own, yeah?

Happy Christmas!

d said...

oh, but, the yellow/orange color of the tallgrass coating the hills plastered up against the sea blue color of the sky where it peeks through the clouds...


but, yes. to each their own. i grew up amongst it, therefore it will always be beautiful to me.