things accomplished during holiday family time

There's something really soporific about my parents' house. I'm not sure exactly why, but I sleep better down here than I ever do at home. I've been going to bed at 9p and waking up at 7a. But for some reason this does not make me feel more wakeful during the day. The exact opposite, in fact. So, not really that much has been accomplished, but here's another list (of the minor things that have been) since I seem to be into that these days.

• We went to see an exhibit of a local wildlife artist, Susan something or other. Technically very good (think Audobon), but not something I'd want hanging in my house. We also saw the plans and model of the new Crystal Bridges Museum they're building in Bentonville (home of Wal-Mart). Which I guess is fairly controversial because of its location.

• Guess what else I got to see? The original storefront for Wal-Mart back when lawless hoodlums roamed the plains and killed people just for the fun of it. It looks like in its current life, it's some sort of museum/homage to Sam.

• Then we went for a long-ish walk on a paved trail in Bentonville, Ark. Even though the area probably holds the greatest concentration of rednecks per capita, it really is a beautiful spot.

• After we returned home, I whupped (and when I say whupped, what I really mean is barely eked out a win) my mom's butt in Scrabble®. Dad won't play with her anymore, so she cajoled me into it. We ended up with a board full of words that most five-year-olds can spell, but it was still pretty fun.

• I've eaten more in the past two days than I have for the entire preceding year. I think. Today, we managed to polish off an entire can of mixed nuts. Did you guys know that you can make lasagna in a crock pot? I'm frankly astounded. I own a crock pot. And kind of know how to make lasagna the normal way. But never do because it's too much of a pain in the ass. I'm sitting here imagining all of the other things you may be able to do with a crock pot besides chili and stew, for which is all I ever thought it was good. I bet you can even bake a cake in the damn thing. Maybe this will put an end to my all-cereal-all-the-time diet plan.

• I've also gotten a ton of reading time in and am feeling thankful that we visited the local Barnes and Noble yesterday. Otherwise, I'd be reduced to surfing the entire time I was here. God forbid.

If I don't get to tomorrow, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in blogland a very Merry Christmas. Even though I was the scroogiest of the Scrooges this year, I'm glad I got to come home and spend some time with the fam. I'm feeling a lot more warm and fuzzy about the holiday than I was last week at this time. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Kwaanza and all that. Hope you all enjoy.


Dylan K said...

A merry one to you and your mixed nuts too!

LSL said...

Hey, Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for the fun blog reading this year. I have to tell you how much I'm enjoying your writing. I think you are so talented! Somehow I think you must speak how you write or something . . . you make the reader feel like they're sitting down with you having a conversation. What talent. I'm particularly enjoying the x365 posts - so expressive and universal, in a way. No pressure, but I hope you keep it up in 2008! Happy new year!

d said...

dylan: oh my mixed nuts had a very merry one. in my belly.

lsl: aw. that's awfully nice of you to say. hope you had good holidays.