it's wednesday, kids

And for some reason that means I feel like talking about music. Instead of doing my normal, talk-about-one-album-and-only-one-album-thing, I'm going to put forth a list of songs that I'm really enjoying this week.

1. Wolves | Phosphorescent | Pride - Quirky, awesome jangly folk music. If you've been paying attention, you know that I can't stop talking about this guy, and for good reason. He's spectacular. There's definitely some hand clapping going on, and what I think may be an organ.

2. Square 9 | Frightened Rabbits | Sing the Greys - If you can get past the cheesy British accent—which most times I abhor, so I completely understand if you can't—this is actually a fun song to plug into your ears. These guys love the riff, which is fairly unusual these days and therefore kind of refreshing, and they seem pretty adept at building an entire song around it.

3. Stranger | The Roadside Graves | No One Will Know Where You've Been - Jamerrific alt. country from, of all places, New Jersey. With excellent lyrics and pretty good backing melodies, what's not to love?

4. Lonely Anywhere | The Everybodyfields | Nothing is Okay - If this song doesn't rip your heart out and churn it up in the garbage disposal, then there's something seriously wrong with you.

5. Presents | Via Audio | Say Something Say Something Say Something - Fun pop-y jump around the house in your underwear or get caught dancing out at the ponds while walking your dogs by the old guy with the collies whom you didn't see until he was right there. Whatever.

6. I Woke Up Today | Port O'Brien | The Wind and the Swell - Loose and spastic singing/yelling set against jangly guitar and hand claps, it's northwestern rock. If M Ward named them his favorite band of the year, what've you got to lose?

7. Horse in the Sky | chris and thomas | Land of Sea - Simon and Garfunkel for the 'Oughts.

8. Mansard Roof | Vampire Weekend | Mansard Roof - Needs no words. Just get it already.

9. 2080 | Yeasayers | All Hour Cymbals - Weird, provocative, worldly, rockin'. And gorgeous.

10. Nightswimming | The Wrens | Stereogum Presents Drive XV: A Tribute to Automatic for the People - Off of an album full of really stunning covers, this is one of my favorites, but that's probably just because I really love The Wrens.

11. Pretty Young Thing | Nickel Creek | Nickel Creek in Concert (NPR) - Awesome cover.

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