in my dreams

Every now and then I have a dream about this restaurant. It's not the same dream—something different happens there every time—it's just the dreams happen in this same place. The thing is, it's not really that nice of a place. It's the cafeteria in a hospital or, I think, a retirement home. All I remember is the wait staff all wear those Mr-Rogers-sweaters (cardigans?) and have name tags like the ones nurses wear.

In my dreams, my friend Tina is the one who always wants to go there. Last night's enticement was live entertainment. She showed us all this flyer produced by a group of her 'geeky, nerdy friends (her words)' who had started a band and she wanted us to go check it out with her. So, we go and we order breakfast and the same thing happened to me that always happens there—everyone else got their food and mine never came. I was complaining about it, saying, 'This always happens to me here,' and then I woke up.

I'm not sure what this says about me.


Big Daddy said...

Maybe something about not being feeling as treated or equal?

Big Daddy said...

Wow, mixed that up - I meant feeling as being treated fair or equal.