holiday recap

I didn't really have time to blog about my holiday week, so now that I'm finally home safe and sound, I'd thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about what a really great week I had.

On Monday, Mom, Dad and I went down to one of their favorite haunts, Roaring River to spend the morning tooling around in the great outdoors. While Dad fished, Mom and I took a little walk in the woods.

We saw some bald eagles, which was pretty cool and then we went and saw the wellspring of the river which eventually ends its journey at Table Rock Lake.

We celebrated the births of the baby Jesus and my mom by breaking out the Scrabble board again so Mom could finally prove that she does in fact have a superior vocabulary and can whup me pretty good once she starts using the colored squares to her advantage. This year, I tried to institute the thing where we didn't exchange presents so I didn't show up with anything, but everyone else ignored me. So, who do you think felt like a schmo? Yeah. I guess I'll make up for it next year. Or get everyone else to pay attention somehow.

Wednesday rolled around and I set off for home with a slight, two-day layover in Newton, Kansas to celebrate the seventh annual Feastival. Tradition states that a crapload of food will be prepared and eaten and a crapload of booze will be bought and drunk, and this year proved to be no exception.


The Tray o' Booze

We went with a tapas theme this year thinking that maybe we wouldn't make so much food that we'd feel bloated and unhappy after we were done gorging. Uh. Yeah. It didn't quite work. Thanks to Tina, Elissa and Laura we had empanadas, spicy meatballs, goat cheese smothered in marinara on baguette bread, artichoke dip, pita chips and hummus, zwiebach bread, stuffed mushrooms and spinach squares. We didn't even come close to eating all of it. Instead of passing out on the floor of Elissa's living room, we rallied and ended the festivities with another tradition started last year, a rousing game of Dutch Blitz.

Do you know what sucks worse than driving through western Kansas? Driving through western Kansas on only five hours of sleep and snow packed roads. I attempted a little experiment today by seeing just how much caffeine one person can consume before all of his molecules are vibrating so violently that he eventually explodes. Fortunately, I never reached the tipping point, so the question remains unanswered.

Another snowstorm blew through good ol' K.S. Thursday night and I was pretty nervous that I wouldn't be able to make it home today. Despite my overwired, strung out brain and over worked nerves and almost getting crushed by a semi driven by an idiot who obviously didn't know how to operate a behemoth on icy roads, I was thankful to arrive home in only nine hours.

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tina f. said...

I am glad you are home. I fly to Chicago at 10 am tomorrow. I miss you already.