folks. holy shit. we're live.

So, my b-partner and I finally have our website completed. Could everyone who reads this go and check it out and see if you have any usability issues? Or see anything else that needs to be changed and let me know?

Thanks much.

UPDATE: So. It should look like this:
But my b-partner just e-mailed me to say that it doesn't on her PC.

Can anyone else tell me if it's all jacked up in IE6?

This is why I hate Bill Gates.


Dylan K said...


On the gear page, you might duplicate the alt attribute for the images as a title attribute in the link, so you can get a little mouseover action.

I'd omit the word "actually" on the front page. Just sounds a wee bit stoner.

Live long and prosper!

Ann said...

Congrats! This is exciting! Okay I'm just a stupid user and all, but here's my contribution--when you're looking at samples of your work, under "gear", there needs to be a link out, back to the main page, so you don't feel trapped.... I felt trapped. That's all. I love the verbage. I didn't notice actually, actually.

Michael5000 said...

Found an issue -- on my screen, the text on the main page extends all the way down to the bottom of the cream-colored area. The last line actually sits on the border between the cream area and the background pattern. Does that help?

Congrats on the project!

Scoobers said...

Roger that. Everything seems a-ok.
I so totally need to attend a pet cpr course and I am so totally writing a post about why.

d said...

dylan: what's wrong with sounding like stoners? do you think that would be bad for business?

ann: it's how we plan on getting new clients. keep them trapped in our website so long that eventually they grow weary and ask us to do a logo for them. even if they don't need one.

m5k: thanks. yes. it does help. well, it creates a headache for me, but yes, helps.

scoobers: i hope dookie is ok.

Dylan K said...

Good point - maybe you should actually play it up some more...

blythe said...

you did that? wow.