daily commute redux

Last night it was wickedly cold here. Like below zero cold. Like you walk outside and your face falls off cold. I wisely chose to remain indoors. Since there's hardly ever any wind here all of the snow stayed perched up in the tree branches. And on the tops of poles and other horizontal things. And then froze there.

This is my neighborhood. Early in the morning. With the sun just coming up and hitting the tops of the trees.

Look. The pond is frozen over. It wasn't yesterday. I'm always surprised by how quickly that happens.


Big Daddy said...

Is it April yet?

tina f. said...

beautiful pics, d.

d said...

big d: um. sorry.

tina: thanks.

Michael5000 said...

Cool! Or, cold! The lowest temperature I've ever been in was 3 degrees; I feel like I need to experience a negative temperature sometime. Ain't gonna happen here, that's for sure.