and now it's over

All of my worrying was for naught. We had to paper clip the turkey together. And the aluminum cans we tried to use to prop it up over the drip pan didn't really work, so Ann and Kate had to run back to Kate's to get a rack. And, then Ann had to run back to her house to get beef broth for the gravy even though the grocery store was a lot closer. And, then because of all the turkey juice spilled everywhere we ran out of paper towels/napkins. And went through every single kitchen towel and even some bath towels that I own.

BUT in spite of all of that, I think everyone had a good time. I did at least, and that's all that really matters. The food was really good and all of us fit into my house ok (even though the R-dog wasn't too happy about being banished to the back porch), and we even managed to get through almost all of the beer I bought even though Ann and Dylan didn't think we possibly could—I bought a crapload of beer.

I think this sums it all up pretty well:

So, I'm going to say that Friendsgiving 2007 was a success. Thank god. Or whoever is in charge of those sorts of things.


e. said...

your turkey juice story makes me Very Anxious.

but, am glad it all went well. fun to have memories of friends-having-fun in your home, isn't it?

d said...

yes. very much so. and don't worry. i cleaned really, really well.

tina f. said...

Yay!! I am so glad your worrying was in vain. I am also very glad you have a washing machine in your house for Very Icky Turkey-Juice-Stained Towels.

d said...

oh trust me, i am too. otherwise, salmonella all over the damn place!

LSL said...

What a fun post, and what hilarious tags. I'm glad your party was a success!