wednesday - thanksgiving eve

The trip to Chicago was uneventful. The shuttle was thirty minutes late getting us to the terminal but it ended up not making any difference whatsoever because security seriously only took 10 minutes. I woke up at 6a Wed morning, and immediately launched my assault on the Denver airport. The first step? Obsessively calling on the hour, every hour, the Denver TIPs line and every time, the jovial recorded voice happily announced that the wait time was only five minutes. Of course I didn’t believe him, especially considering my experience last year.

So, since I’d planned on two extra hours to trudge my way through the security line, I got up to my gate 2.5 hours early only to find that my flight had been delayed by an hour and a half. I decided that was the sign that I needed to go find some lunch. After buying my food, I had the bright idea to check the departures board to see if there were any other flights leaving before 5p, and I discovered that there was one leaving right now.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t full. What’s up kids? It’s the day before Thanksgiving, supposedly the busiest travel day of the year, right? And I had one of the easiest airport experiences I’ve ever had. Astonishing.

A side note: Any white guys over the age of 35 should not say the word ‘girl’ (pronounced gurrrel) to black women. This holds true even if you’re a gay white man over the age of 35. With a mustache.

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