sunset rubdown

If you don't have Random Spirit Lover yet, run now to the internets closest to you and download. It's pretty amazing. Unlike everyone else, I don't really care that Wolf Parade hasn't put out (isn't it weird that 'put' and 'out' have almost the exact same letters, but sound completely different? English is weird.) another album in three years and Mr. Krug's side project, Sunset Rubdown, has put out three, 'cause it satisfies my Spencer Krug addiction. And, I think I kind of like Sunset Rubdown better than Wolf Parade anyway. Don't hate me. There's just something about the addition of Camilla Wynn Ingr of Pony Up! that makes Sunset Rubdown's music more interesting than Wolf Parade's.

Anyway, this was done for Daytrotter. Who said, once again, 'This is too rad, dude. Thanks!' Those kids smoke way too much pot.


Michael5000 said...

Well, OK then. Downloadin'.

d said...

you won't regret it. or. maybe you will. don't hate me if you do.