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I finally got around to watching 28 Weeks Later the other night and I can't decide how I feel about it. In general I'm a huge fan of horror flicks and zombie movies as a sub genre usually can't be beat. Plus, I loved 28 Days Later. I also realize that sequels hardly ever meet the brilliantness of the originals, but this one just seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

As a longtime lover of horror movies, I know that you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief by quite a fair margin, and just go with the flow. Let whatever happens, happen and try not to think too much about it. With this one though, it was pretty difficult to do. I mean, c'mon. There is no way the dad would've survived the fire bombing and the tear gas/mustard gas to be exactly where his kid is gonna be in the subway in order to infect him. And let's not even get started about whether the mother would've survived the mob of zombies that killed the rest of the people in the house at the beginning of the movie. Zombies that rip out people's throats and punch out their eyeballs, but she survives with only a superficial bite on her arm? Also, are we seriously supposed to believe that the army would put a bunch of people into containment in a space that wasn't secure or at least not guard all of the entrances?

This movie was predicated on the fact that a series of small human mistakes lead to unmitigated disaster, but it would've been far more interesting if they'd made the mistakes more believable.

That leads me to a movie that has me just about wetting my pants in anticipation. The Mist.

Stephen King is a master at the whole, 'tiny mistakes snowball and make a normal day into one of your most terrifying nightmares' storyline. Plus, the guy could take a can of cat food and turn it into one of the most horrifying things you've ever encountered, so you just know The Mist is gonna be good. It's one of my all-time favorite Stephen King stories and it's got everything you need for a spectacular scary movie. Fog so thick that you can't see two feet in front of you, nor see the giant killer bugs that are swooping in to eat your face.

Awesome. I can't wait.


Michael5000 said...

What I loved about 28 Days Later, and liked about 28 Weeks Later, wasn't so much the foreground as the background. The actual plot events -- who goes where, who says what, who bites whom -- are fine in the first and adequate in the second movie, but what's really cool is how well developed the abandoned world in the background is. Those great shots of empty London....

You didn't mention the biggest plot dumbness of the sequel, though. The Mom has been tested positive for the most planet-threatening hazard imaginable, so we'll go have a meeting about what to do with her... leaving her unguarded in a hospital room. Uh huh.

d said...

yes. those were the good parts of both movies. the abandoned cities/towns. especially in the second one. it's why i'm excited to see the new will smith movie that i forget the name of.

i can't believe that i forgot to mention the leaving the mom alone in the room. that was just plain fucktarded.

Big Daddy said...

So what's you take on the ending of 28 Weeks?

Did the kid actually turn in to a zombie [as shown by the shot of his pupils getting bloody], or did he just somehow infect his sis or the pilot?

Did he infect anyone at all?

There was no blood and guts in the copter so maybe they just crashed?

I'm so confused.

d said...

i think that the kid was like his mom, a carrier but immune to the virus, so somehow he infected the helicopter pilot ('cause i bet his sister was also immune), who crashed the helicopter in paris and then infected the rest of france.

28 months later will be a really short movie.

Big Daddy said...