let's talk sports shall we?

I seriously don't know what universe this is anymore. KU (football) beat OSU on Saturday and just got ranked No. 3 in the country. Dare I say that we may actually go to a bowl game this year? We still need to face Iowa and Missouri so our undefeated streak may come to a quick and bloody end, but still, HOLY CRAP. We're undefeated and there are only two games left in regular season play. Talk about shock and awe.

The power of the cupcakes indeed. Although, I'm kind of just waiting for Mangino to burst like a stuffed sausage any day now.

KU (bball) also won against UMKC last night. 80-something to 60-something, so it was a lot closer than it should've been.


blythe said...

let me remind you that it was not an easy win against OSU. from what i remember. i was pretty much 3/4 of the way into the proverbial bag by that point. also, i think MO has a good shot. but hey, big 12! until we crush you for the conference title at the least.

d said...

dude. i told you we had the cupcakes. no one can beat the cupcake power.

anyway, as my friend derek always says, a 'w' is a 'w'. notice how i didn't rub your nose in it?

we shall see about the conference title. we shall see.

blythe said...

yeah, we're hanging on for dear life. i know this. it's quite reasonable that we could lose to tech and/or OSU. which would suck balls.

go big 12!

d said...

i don't think you'll lose to tech. but you may lose to osu. them sumbitches are tough. i wish you much luck.

Michael5000 said...

Go Ducks!!!

d said...

dude. you are now banned from this blog. you went to ku. you're a jayhawk. wtf?

p.s. just kidding about the banning. i need all the readers i can get.