it's gotta end sometime, right?

No 2. That's all I got to say. We beat Iowa, which no one really thought would be all that difficult—Iowa has always and will always suck at all things sports related. But, now we must face Missouri. At Arrowhead Stadium. The home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Tickets sold out in like two seconds. I was talking to my friend Tina last night and we decided that there's no way in hell that someone isn't gonna die at that game. Get a bunch of rednecks, who aren't afraid to own firearms, from two different states in one concentrated place, fueled by a rivalry that goes back to that time during the first Civil War when some people from Missouri burned down Lawrence*, and someone's bound to get shot.

That or the universe is seriously going to implode. Seriously. I'm worried about the universe. KU can't, just can't, be good at both football and basketball. So, either the 'Hawks are about to have a spectacularly shitty bball season or the universe is gonna flip inside out and we're all gonna die. Probably the exact same time that Mangino eats one too many cupcakes and his stomach pops out of his skin.

*This is according to Tina who is probably the only person on the planet who even remembers that there even was a Quantrill's Raid, so it's not likely that this is really the beginning of the Kansas/Missouri college sports rivalry, but still, it has been there for a very, very long time. And people get all worked up about it.


blythe said...

yeah, i'm crying. it's so sad. i'm wearing all black today. had we lost to kansas, that would've been one thing, but FUCKING TEXAS TECH?! earn your gooddamn money, stoops.

d said...

it's always the ones that you don't see coming. like oral roberts.

i feel your pain. next week's osu right? that one's kinda scary. i'm nervous for next weekend.

blythe said...

we're gonna lose! LOSE! i'm in pre-mourning.

d said...

i think that's definitely the right attitude to have. that way if you win, you'll be ecstatic.